2017 Goce Delčev Award for Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Science

Goce Delchev Science Award, 4 May, 2017
The "Goce Delčev" awards for outstanding contribution in the field of science in the interest of the Republic of Macedonia were presented in the Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts on Thursday, 4th of May 2017 in Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia.

This year’s state award for scientific achievements were presented to three recipients, among them to professor Jasna Koteska, for her book Kierkegaard on Consumerism (The Aesthetic, the Ethical, and the Religious Reading. The book was published in September 2016 by the Kierkegaard Circle, Trinity College, University of Toronto, and the Central European Research Institute Soeren Kierkegaard, Ljubljana.

Д-р Јасна Котеска за делото „Киркегард за консумеризмот (етичко естетско и религиозно читање)“, Д-р Ванчо Спиров за „Форензичка ДНК-анализа на забите“, Д-р Трајче Стафилов и Д-р Роберт Шајн за „Геохемиски атлас на Република Македонија“ се добитниците на државната награда „Гоце Делчев“ за оствраувања во областа на науката во 2016 година. 

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2017 Goce Delcev Award for Science


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