Sanitary Enigma - the Bulgarian promotion (May, 2012)

Sanitary Enigma was translated in Bulgarian by the Sofia publishing house Critique and Humanism in 2012.

Here is the TV review of the book on the Bulgarian National TV (the cultural program Bibliotekata), by Snezhana Dimitrova, broadcast 21 April 2012. 

And here is the video from the promotion in the Red House Center for Culture and Debate in Sofia, held 15 May 2012. First and the second part.

A visit of Jasna Koteska, Professor at the University of Skopje, author of the book “SANITARY ENIGMA”, translated into Bulgarian under the hospices of TRADUKI programme, published by Critique and Humanism Publishing House, Sofia

Visit duration: 3 days, May 15 – May 17, 2012

1 day:

Jasna Koteska arrived in Sofia and met the publishing team, a number of professors at Sofia University, two journalists and Mr. Vasko Shutarov, Director of Director of Centre for Culture and Information of Macedonia.
At the evening, the book presentation took place at “Red House” Centre for Culture and Debate, the most renowned place in Sofia for cultural events of the sort (
Here it is the announcement of the event:

15 May (Tuesday) 2012, 8.00 p.m.
Pesha Nikolova hall
KX - Critique & Humanism Publishing House and the Centre for Culture and Information of the Republic of Macedonia present:
Sanitary Enigma
discussion with the participation of Jasna Koteska about the striving for clean identities in the epoch of sanitarity.
The book Sanitary Enigma by Jasna Koteska, around which the discussion will evolve, challenges notions like „subjectness” and „identity” (on a personal plane, as well as on a group one), and offers intriguing new concepts such as „extended subject” and „agglomerate psyche”. Another provoking thesis also to be discussed is the qualification of the late postmodernity (the present time) as an epoch of sanitarity.
With the participation of Stanimir Panayotov (translator and researcher), Petar Goranov (specialized editor and researcher, Sofia University), Vasko Shutarov (Director of Centre for Culture and Information of Macedonia) and Antoaneta Koleva (publisher of the book).
In Bulgarian and Macedonian (interpretation provided).
Free entrance

Jasna Koteska is a very interesting thinker, a follower of Jacques Lacan and Julia Kristeva, student of Slavoj Zizek. She is Full Professor at the Faculty of Philology at the University of Skopje. She works in the fields of cultural studies, theoretical psychoanalysis, literary theory, and among her books one counts also: Postmodern Literary Studies (2002), Macedonian Women's Writings (2003), Communist Intimacy (2008).

More than 70 persons attended the presentation, and a discussion took place after the formal speeches. One counted among the audience students, university professors from four leading universities, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomats, journalists.
A video of the event could be found out online, on the website of the “Red House”, and once again – on the facebook page of the publisher:

Day 2:

Interview with Jasna Koteska for the national cultural weekly “Culture”.

Interview with Jasna Koteska on the BG National Radion (live program).

A presentation of the book on the national TV preceded the launch (the cultural show “Bibliotekata” /”Library”/).

Day 3:

Going to South-Western University, Blagoevgrad.
A second presentation of the book took place at the so called “Rector’s Hall” of the University.
The audience consisted in more than 50 students and a dozen of university professors. A partner in the discussion was the team of a research project on microhistory, the event was co-moderated by the publisher, Antoaneta Koleva, and Snejana Dimitrova, Associated Professor at the South-Western University, and Nina Nikolova, Associated Professor at the University of Plovdiv.

As a follow up of the book presentations Koteska is going to be invited for a seminar at one of the universities in Sofia. Two other professors are including her book in their courses curricula.

From the publisher's report to Traduki.


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