Jasna Koteska: Implementation of Gender Mainstreaming. Comments Paper - the Republic of Macedonia (2011)

Implementation of gender mainstreaming - Belgium, 17-18 May 2011

In May 2011 a seminar was held in Belgium focusing on the implementation of gender mainstreaming. Two good practices were reviewed: one by the host country Belgium and the other by Sweden. You can read all comment papers on different countries at this page.

The implementation of Gender mainstreaming in the Republic of Macedonia (2011)

Jasna Koteska 

Read my comment paper here.

Also, please, check other programmes of exchange of good practice on gender equality: implementing gender mainstreaming (May 2011), flexible working time arrangements (October 2011), reducing the gender pay gap (December 2011), awareness raising activities to fight violence against women and girls (February 2012) here.


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